Tern GSD

You're going to love your new Tern GSD, we just know it. Here are a few tips and details you may want to reference in the first few miles. If you have any questions at all, reach out to us via email or text. We are here to help you get comfortable on your new bike, so no question is too small!

Care for your bike

Find your bike manual below along with a review of onboarding information from your new bike appointment.

Every new bike is eligible for a free 60-day tune up at the shop. At this appointment, we will evaluate your bike after its first miles of riding and help you make any needed customizations or adjustments. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions that have come up about your bike and add on accessories. Book your 60-day tune up here.

Tern provides a 5-year limited warranty on all bikes for the original purchaser. To double your warranty from 5 to 10 years, be sure to sign up for Tern Care, the free extended warranty option! Register your bike online using your service tag number and a copy of your purchase receipt. You should have a PDF receipt attached to your email receipt after purchase; email us if you need another copy.

Properly caring for your Bosch e-bike battery will prolong its service life. Store and charge in a dry, well-ventilated area at room temperature. Avoid dropping and harsh impact in order to prevent deterioration of the battery cells. To store the battery when not in use, remove it from the bike and store with a charge level between 30 and 60%. When riding in cold weather, considering protecting your battery with a thermal cover. For even more details on caring for your e-bike, see the Bosch Battery Guide.

A 500 watt-hour battery will fully charge in 4.5 hours using a standard charger. To charge your Bosch bike, ensure the battery and charger are in a dry, well ventilated area. Plug the charger in to the charging port on the bike. To charge off the bike, plug in to the port on the bottom of the battery. Be sure to plug directly into a standard wall outlet, do not use timers, surge protectors, or power strips. Remember to charge in room temperature and avoid storing and charging your battery in the cold.

  • 1 year or 1000 miles: We recommend a full service appointment for your bike every year or every 1000 miles. Keeping a regular service schedule for your bike will ensure your bike is functioning safely and allows our skilled mechanics to replace any worn out parts like brake pads.
  • Bosch Smart Software Updates: Use the Bosch eBike Flow app to download software updates to your bike. Find updates in the Settings area of the app.

Bosch eBike Range Calculator App

Use this handy tool from Bosch to calculate your range for your next e-bike ride. Adjust road conditions, cadence, assistance levels, speed and more to plan for your next trip! Try it out here.

Get Started with your Tern GSD

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Bosch Purion Display

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Abus Frame Lock

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