Riese & Muller Multitinker

Compact, versatile, and capable, the Riese & Muller Multitinker is an e-bike capable of replacing the car. Effortlessly carry passengers and all the gear you need for an urban adventure, even if it’s just to hockey practice. This bike offers such a smooth ride you’ll want to take it everywhere.

Key Features

Kiox Display

Bluetooth compatible, the Kiox color display records your ride data for upload to your favorite tracking apps. Lock feature plus removable display adds a layer of security to your bike.

Bosch Smart System

The next generation of Bosch eBike Systems. Through the eBike Flow app you can transfer updates for your bike via Bluetooth and upload your ride data to fitness apps. eBike alarm compatible for another layer of anti-theft protection.

Bosch Cargo Line

All the power you need to get you and your load moving. Increase your pedal power up to 400% with 85 Nm of torque for a smooth, effortless ride.